Helping Georgians create unique, modern and one of a kind event experiences through providing luxury bounce houses, high end customer service, and additional event rentals
We're flipping the script and changing the bounce house game in the Southeast. Not only do we provide luxury bounce houses to help elevate your next event, but we also provide a very streamlined, high end customer service experience you need as well.

maria scott

Hi! I’m Maria! The overall #bosslady, creative direction, and delivery/logistics/event planner for Luxe Bounce (aka spreadsheet and timeline queen).  I’m also your main contact when you have questions, when you’re ready to book, after you booked, and on your event day!
With over 15 years in the hospitality and service industry, as an Event Planner, Venue Manager, and Corporate Conference Planner, I’m able to use my expertise to help make sure you have an amazing experience from the moment you contact us to after your event ends and everything in between. What sets Luxe Bounce apart is our attention to detail, our service industry expertise, individual client experiences, and our overall love of helping others shine through their luxe events.

jonathan scott

Hi! I’m Jonathan! The other half of Luxe Bounce who focuses on Operations, Finance, and the general health and maintenance of our Luxe Bounce equipment and vehicles. I also build whatever Maria asks me too (queue handyman vibes).
While I’m usually not the main contact for your events, I can promise I also bring the same level of experience and attention to detail as my wife, which is what makes us an amazing team! With my engineering background and over 13 years in the industrial and commercial general contracting industry, I understand what it takes to deliver a quality product and appreciate the level of detail and commitment it takes to keep our clients satisfied.

behind all of the beautiful images and amazing events, we’re just a family who enjoys integrating our work and home life.

It’s true! So often we hear people talking about how stressful it is to work with their spouse, but truth be told, we love it! Where one of us lacks experience, the other one can use their expertise to make an executive decision and vice versa. What always remains a constant is our love and respect for one another and for our shared passion for Luxe Bounce and the impact our brand is making as a whole for so many different types of people in our amazing community.

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