Backed by a 20 year career in the hospitality and event planning industry Maria has begun to reshape the event rental industry by marrying the simplicity of modern bounce houses with superior customer service. From the impeccably clean bounce houses, to the professionally dressed delivery crew, and the hostess gifts offered to her clients on event day, Maria’s vision for setting a new standard permeates in everything she and her team does. As much as she loves her business, Maria’s true passion lies in her roles of wife, mom, and business mentor. Much of what drives her is her desire to show others, especially her two sons, what is possible when you work hard and invest in your dreams
The man behind the scenes, but equally involved in the success of the company, co-founder and COO, Jonathan brings to the table an engineering background and over 15 years experience in the industrial and commercial general contracting industry. He understands what it takes to deliver a quality product and, like his wife, is dedicated to the level of detail and commitment it takes to create an exceptional customer experience.
Jenna is our sales and marketing manager at Luxe Bounce! She and her husband, Daniel, have both lived in Atlanta, GA their entire lives and currently reside in Smyrna. Together they have a precious daughter, Jules, and two sweet pups, Tj and Sky. Jenna’s favorite things include quality family time, dinner with friends, hosting in her home, reality television, traveling and photography. She has loved being able to work closely alongside Maria and learn so much about the business. She believes Luxe Bounce customer service is exceptional and she is proud to work for such an amazing company.
Let’s get this party started!


We believe in providing pin-worthy bounce house rentals & exceptional customer service. Because every element of your event deserves to be perfectly planned and stress-free.

Our Mission: to bring families and communities together through STYLISH celebrations.

Luxe Bounce is the original luxury bounce house company serving Atlanta and beyond. We provide the largest selection of modern houses, but our client experiences and heart for this industry go far beyond that.

When you plan an event, you care about your guest's experiences. We understand that when you bring us on we are now part of your team committed to the success of your event. Our detail-oriented and collaborative approach to communicating and gathering essential information, our 20+ years experience in the hospitality and event industry, our trust-worthy testimonials from our amazing clients, and delivering proper day-of event communication and service is what makes adding us to your team the easiest and best choice.

We have great vendor connections and an amazing team trusted by moms, planners, and brides across the Southeast. We’re confident in saying your bounce house will be the biggest asset to the energy & enthusiasm of your event, and our dedicated hospitality approach means you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Hospitality is the foundation on which Luxe Bounce is built. We value providing our clients with an exceptional experience that makes each of our customers feel like a VIP client and part of the Luxe Bounce family.

We bring excellence in all that we do. From the booking process, to the high-touch communication and client experience, to the the on-time delivery of your bounce house, and the professional set-up and take down service, Luxe Bounce prides itself on being one of the best.

We take pride in being a leader in the industry and community. We strive to inspire passion for entrepreneurship and important social causes, as well as model what we believe to be the standard of excellence in business. We believe that there is enough room at the table for everyone, and we happily extend a hand to those behind us on the entrepreneurial journey for mentorship and guidance.

Whether it is our local, cultural , or online community, we value contributing in a positive and uplifting way. We are always looking for opportunities to give back and serve.

Big moments, small moments, and everything in between– life is short and deserves to be celebrated. We value the art of slowing down and celebrating just because it’s a Tuesday.



When husband and wife team, Jonathan and Maria, started Luxe Bounce, it was always more than a business. On a personal level, it was to help them grow their family through fertility treatments and adoption. But it was also a way for them to create the impact they dreamed of having in an industry they’d called home for so long. Luxe Bounce is rooted in the belief that events and enjoyment bring people together unlike anything else. Community and family are the foundation of this business and their personal lives.

From the very beginning, Luxe Bounce set out to be a different kind of company. One that goes beyond just bounce house rentals. We care about bringing people together, and view our bounce houses as a way to do this with enthusiasm and style. Our approach is to value people and products; providing beautiful bounce houses alongside communicative, detail- focused customer service.
our beliefs

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Whether you’ve worked with us, follow us online, or are only finding us now, the most important thing to know about Luxe Bounce is we’re a family. And as a family, we always lead with kindness, honesty, and openness. It’s what the business was founded on and lives on through our approach to the industry.

Beyond the Bounce brings you into our world, to connect with us, relate to our highs and lows of this industry, and to learn a few things along the way. You’ll find out about our business journey so far, the everyday life of our Atlanta family, and behind the scenes of running a successful luxury events company.
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